Monthly Home Health Aide Classes Available

She is learning how to provide compassionate care with a fellow student. Our training is one-hundred percent approved.

She is preparing to take care of her patient. It is a live practice that will help millions of patients across the state.

It is as real as it looks. Certified Home Health Aide classes begin monthly at E & S Academy. Without a doubt, you can expect to receive real-hands on training. It is quality training you will not find anywhere else.

I have three reasons you should register with us today.

  1. The classes are of low cost.
  2. Employment opportunities are available with us after completion.
  3. Online and on-campus classes are available.

For more information, call us at 844-372-2233. You can fill out the contact form today if you don’t feel like waiting. We can contact you at your earliest convenience. It is easy to get started.