Employment Opportunities Delivered at Saint Peter’s University Career Fair

E & S Academy attends career fairs throughout New Jersey. Our school offers training and career opportunities. Our school has a unique structure. In addition, our trade school understands the employment world.

Companies trust our career school. Our school is reputable. In other words, it is why our vocational school has grown.

Saint Peters University

The annual career fair invited valuable companies. Saint Peter’s University’s event presented great opportunities for career seekers. Furthermore, it brought companies together.

At Saint Peter’s University, you become more than a student. You become a member of the family. Similarly, E & S Academy welcomes everyone. It is an open school to the local communities. Our education gives college students an option.

A Saint Peters’ University student stands proudly next to our table. She was excited to see the employment opportunities and training programs we offered.

Employment Training at E & S Academy

Employment training is what we do. Our mission is on careers and employment training. It is our partners that give our students the resources to succeed. Notably, E & S Academy pays attention to the public’s needs. For this reason, it is our school is popular.

Our trade school is a sure option. Instantly, our graduates are certified and licensed upon class completion.

Without delay, you can earn a valuable career today. Call us today at 844-372-2233 or email us at info@esacademy-usa.com.