A Buffet of Employment Opportunities – A Simple Guide for Everyday People to Solve All Your Financial Problems

  • A Buffet of Employment Opportunities
  • Earning a Certification
  • Go to College or University, But Avoid Student Loans and Pay Out of Pocket with This Trick

I know, I know.  You’ve read it all before.  There are thousands upon thousands of guides out there that promise to help you get rich quick or solve all your financial problems.  I’m sure you’ve watched the Gary Vee and Tai Lopez videos that provide incredible insight on how they managed to create their fortunes. I would be the first to admit that I have watched all their videos and I am a fan.  There are other famous YouTubers who have excellent content that makes your jaw drop with excitement.

Among their videos, there are other articles out there that may seem familiar to you. 

How to Get Rich Fast

Forty Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly.

4 Steps on How Anyone Can Become Rich

While these are awesome articles that are super helpful, they don’t always cater to normal, average, every-day people like you or me.  It is okay to be normal.  It is okay not to be the best at something.  You just want to feel like what you are doing has a purpose.

We may not be the most talented people in the world.  Sure, we have skills here and there.  We’re not looking to get famous, BUT we are searching for ways to make a decent living plus live a comfortable life.

First things first, finding employment to supplement your journey to earning

You can take the knowledge that you have learned and apply it to the field, but at the same time, expand it.

A Buffet of Employment Opportunities

I am not writing this to waste your time reading it. Have you ever spent hours applying via Indeed or other job listing websites? You wait for those glorious interview calls. When you get your interview calls, you’re not guaranteed a position afterward. You probably wish the process was different for applying to jobs. Welp, I am here to tell you that it is a different situation for health care and I.T professionals. What is it like for job hunters in the health care and I.T profession in 2019?

Yup, those are the figures right now.  This is a small introduction to where I am headed with this informative piece.  My simple guide is not suggesting you go into health care. HOWEVER, it is steering towards the direction of utilizing affordable methods that are valuable to your growth as a professional and cater to people who want something simple.

So here it goes.  This is a simple guide for everyday people to solve all your financial problems.

Health and I.T programs are the most affordable plus dependable in today's industry.
Health and I.T programs are the most affordable plus dependable in today’s industry.

Start with Earning a Certification from a Vocational School

Inaddition, the reason why vocational schools are important in the United States is because they give individuals another pathway to success. Ignore some of the bad rumors you’ve heard of trade schools. The fact is they bring a positive outlook in the job market. Employers, throughout the country, are in search of skilled professionals who are directly trained in their field whether it’s medical or technical.

A wise person once told me “think smart, not hard.”  This is exactly what we need today.  The student-debt crisis is a major issue for 2018.  Millions of students are learning the hard way that education in America is not free and nothing in this life is guaranteed either.  With expectations high, graduates are finding it difficult to cope with the debt and the lack of employment opportunities.  For many, there were promises of a better career, more pay.  However, these promises were met with employment issues and major debt! Sadly, a good number of students will spend years, after they graduate, trying to pay the debt off which means less money for houses and families later on.  Ouch!

Go to College or University to Advance Your Career, But Avoid Student Loans and Pay Out of Pocket with This Trick

If you want to opt for the four-year degree, here is a suggestion for you.  Healthcare and I.T are among the biggest, in-demand fields today.

A trade school is inexpensive and a safe route if you don’t want to drown in debt by your early 30’s. This choice can be used to get yourself into the working field quickly.  Then, once you earn a good salary, you can use it to pay out of pocket for your classes and advance your career. If you want to go to college or university, all the more power to you. 


I am totally for education.  Most technical trade jobs, especially healthcare, will invest and pay for your career advancement opportunities. There are supreme reimbursement programs out there that companies will help pay.  You shouldn’t dish the extra cash to work for a hospital though.  Certification careers that are short can get you through the

For example, in some states, most Nursing Homes and/or Hospitals will pay 50% if not 100% towards a health care related field or a nursing degree. Students can receive tuition coverage in exchange for a work commitment.    According to the U.S Bureau Labor Statistics, Nurses earn an average salary of $67,490.

Depending on what state you are in, this is a look at tuition reimbursement. This is a good list of hospitals, by state, that reimburse their employees.

Link: https://www.studentdebtrelief.us/student-loans/hospitals-that-pay-for-nursing-school/

Of course, this doesn’t only apply to health care programs.  I.T, Plumbing, and other certification courses are great too.

The Key to Solving Your Financial Problems

The key to solving your financial problems

  • Never spending more money than you have 
  • Avoid debt and loans
  • Take your time
  • Use the resources available to you
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Take advantage of the system in place

You don’t need to become someone famous to earn a good salary or wage. What makes you successful is pushing forward with good decisions.