There Are Smarter Options For Education.

It is our mission not to replace schools like Harvard University or Rutgers University. In fact, it is our school’s identity to be the beginner of someone’s dreams. For instance, high school graduates earn better careers when they start with a vocational school.

Juniors and Seniors have options today. It is not like twenty years ago. Education is not a straight line. Vocational schools offer online classes and career training. In addition, adult education is an option for people searching for a career change.

A typical educational path looks like this:

The typical education path looks like this. In the past twenty years, students are in serious debt.

The smarter educational path is this:

The alternative education route involves finding better ways to pay for college and university tuition.

The Problem Starts with the Parents

I love parents. Truthfully, their jobs are to give their child the best chance. I get it. The dream is to have a college graduate in the family. As someone who understands the importance of a degree with a Masters Degree, it is a great achievement if done properly.

I did it the right way though. With no payments owed to the government, I am student-loan and debt free. Conclusively, parents understand that university equals success. While this may be the case in some situations, it is not always.

In the past, it was the truth. However, times are changing. Vocational school graduates earn as good, if not better, than college graduates. Furthermore, according to Forbes, trade schools offer a solid outcome into many paying jobs.

Annual median salaries are $72,910 for some medical trades. Skilled trades are increasingly in-demand and job availability is through the roof. Trust me when I say certifications look fantastic on resumes.

What To Do Next If Your a Junior and Senior

If you are a junior or senior, look for options. Don’t settle for less. You deserve the best future possible. Colleges and Universities are an awesome thing. Nevertheless, be smart about it.

Futures are made of choices. For those looking for a career change, it is not too late. Success is possible with vocational education.