Unemployment Rates Are Lower With Vocational Schools

Unemployment rates are lower with vocational schools. In fact, unemployment rates are at 3 percent with vocational schools versus 8 percent with college degrees.

What is the deal? The pressure is on vocational schools to ensure employment. For decades, stricter guidelines for trade schools are passed. While trade schools suffer from a poor reputation by bad counterparts, for the most part, trade schools must undergo yearly inspections and hit yearly numbers according to state regulations.

3 Regulations that Vocational Schools Go Through on a Yearly Basis:

  1. Employment rates
  2. Approvals and licensing
  3. Annual reporting

This is not to say that colleges do not report or have accreditation. It is the strict guidelines that force In other words, trade schools are a demand for society. Business owners need more employees in the workforce.

Accurately, most surveys do not tell you the likelihood of an alumni working after they graduate. For instance, a college will provide incoming freshman an orientation, but rarely do they show surveys of the success rates of their previous counterparts.

Colleges and Universities rely on their reputation. Parents are sold on the idea that a college education is the number one way to go. As a new wave of graduates leave high school with many options, this is another choice to look into.