EKG Technician Class of April 2019

The days went by quickly. At first, day one was concerning. Then it got easier as it went. Students smiled on their last day. They reached the end of their classroom journey.

It is one thing to dream of success. It is another to dream it. Today is a great day. Our EKG Technician graduated learned the art of 12-lead ECG interpretation. The students are experts in their field. After three-weeks, our class graduated.

The truth is our school loves our students. In April, we celebrate the commencement of our classes. Upon graduation, students receive their certification. It is not all that we celebrate. Once our class graduates, we assist in employment placement. Our partners look forward to our graduates.

The reason for the success is simple. EKG Technicians are high in demand. Our partners are hiring after graduation. The students prepared their resumes with a resume workshop class. Nationally, the students prepare for their National Healthcareer Exam.

We welcome the EKG Technician class of April 2019 on their success. You can join the success too.