In-Demand EKG Technician Careers Pay More Than $50,000

Are you searching for a quick career change? EKG Technician is it. This is what you should consider. In the past decade, medical careers brought in the most jobs. In fact, it is the highest growing sector in today’s market. What it means is that people are more likely to find employment in the medical field.

Cardiovascular Technologists, EKG Technicians, and ECG Specialists

According to the BLS, these healthcare workers operate special imaging equipment. This equipment aids in conducting tests on the heart and lungs. Furthermore, they can assist with cardiac assessment. Also, they can assist with running EKG tests or monitoring breathing from patients. Typically, EKG specialists work at hospitals, doctors offices, and testing centers.

It is a respected field.

How Do EKG Technicians Train

For most employers, they want their EKG Technicians to earn a professional certification. In this profession, cardio technologists are earned through vocational schools. Employers favor graduates from accredited or approved programs. For instance, good programs are affiliated by the NHA.

Conversely, classes are quick. Classes last 60-90 hours. The range is 3 to 8 weeks. It is inexpensive too. The price range is $600-$2000.

Nonetheless, it is a respected career. Despite the short-time frame, EKG Technicians earn an average salary of $50,000 or more.

Your next step is to find a course near you.