The Avengers of the Medical World the EKG Technician

The Avengers saved the world this time around. This is definitely not a spoiler! Iron Man, Spider-man, Thor, and many other beloved heroes have their special abilities. While the movie broke records at the box offices, the medical world has its avenger within the EKG Technician.

EKG Specialists are the guardians of the medical world literally. When someone comes in with chest pains, one of the first examinations start with an EKG Specialist.

Furthermore, it is a position deserving of recognition. For this reason, EKG positions have grown in the past ten years. This is not simply a desire, but a need. Generally, medical offices need one or two EKG Technician specialists to be involved with the day-to-day caring of patients. There is a big reason.

The number one killer in the United States is heart disease. During the school tours that we give students, the number one class that peaks their interest is the EKG class. It is a special gem of a course that is valuable to hospitals everywhere, yet so little is known about it.

EKG Technicians Save Lives

It’s simple. EKG Technicians save lives. Coincidentally, EKG Technicians are like super heroes. Their knowledge is a key component to the medical team. As an EKG Technician specialist, save lives by being a part of the solution.

EKG specialists work with doctors and cardiologists to better analyze a patient’s heart. Heart disease is prevented with the right screening and team. This is why new students consider the field. It is a good paying job with the right mission at heart.

EKG Specialists are Career Seekers

The EKG Specialists are career seekers. They are pushed to continue their careers. For instance, the annual salary for a EKG Technician is $50,000. The top ten percent earn $77,000. Once someone becomes an EKG Technician, they have the flexibility of earning more certifications.

Essentially, the more certifications one earns the better it is for them. It is an incredible advantage. Not to mention, classes are typically 3-4 weeks. It beats staying in school for four years. If you want to earn a great certification, seek EKG and don’t stop there. Honestly, it’s the right choice.