Our Instructors Care About Your Success

Our instructors care about your success. A big reason why our school is a good choice is because of them. The moment you walk in through the door to the second you leave they dedicate their time to you. Additionally, they pass their expertise to ensure that you will be successful in your chosen career path. It is one of the many things people love about E & S Academy. I am not here to showcase what we have. Honestly, the pictures we post say everything.

Meet Dr. Jayne Mead

The instructor you see in the photograph today is Dr. Jayne Mead. She is a Certified Home Health Aide instructor. Her title is correct! She is a nurse practitioner with years of experience under her belt. Nevertheless, her warm smiles and friendly gestures encourage students to start in health care. She has never had a complain either. As a matter of fact, students congratulate her with flowers, gifts, and respect.

Why Our Instructors Matter

Sincerely, our instructors matter because they are the gateway to your success. Their compassion and commitment are what fuels education. The purpose of this post was to show our appreciation to the educators of schools that provide their service and ensure that students receive a top-grade experience. Furthermore, it is a way of sharing to the world what a wonderful thing they do for the community. If an instructor lights the way, you know students have an incredible future waiting for them.

Our Instructors Care About You

Truthfully, our instructors care about you. A smaller community of students means that you will be given the attention you deserve. The popularity among our graduates and family members indicates that they valued their experience. Unconditionally, our students receive a quality education. Then those same students provide their knowledge and experience to the workforce. It’s a give and take you won’t find anywhere else.