EKG’s and How to Prevent Needing One.

EKG Technician and How To Prevent Needing One

What is an EKG or ECG? Has Your Doctor told you that you need the test? What does any of this mean about your heart?

There is great importance in EKG, electrocardiogram, testing. This is a test that detects any irregularities within a patient’s heart. Knowing how to use one of these machines would put anyone at an advantage in their medical career.

What Does an EKG Test Do?

An Ekg test is a test that watches the electrical activity in your heart. In order to take the test, a certified technician puts on small electrical patches on the patient’s legs, arms, and chest.

During the test, the machine will draw a picture that demonstrates the electrical pulses that your heart gives out. It takes about a span of ten minutes but depending on your heart condition these can be the most important ten minutes of your life.

Different Versions of EKG…

Now there are multiple types of EKG tests that can be used to monitor someone’s heart. These include the Holter Monitor, which is known for being portable and is normally used when a doctor suspects an abnormal heartbeat.

There is also the Stress Test, formerly known as the Exercise EKG, which is given while a patient partakes in a slight athletic activity to help detect coronary artery disease and a safe level of exercise a patient is allowed to partake in.

What Does an EKG Test Tell You?

This test will tell your doctor the state of your blood flow. Whether it is too slow or too fast. It will test for any structural problems. If your heart muscles are too big or too small. It will also tell you any recent heart attacks and will test for irregularities within your heart rhythm.

Why Is This Important to Me?

These tests are crucial to take if one has a recent history of heart pains, any family history of heart diseases. It is also important if a patient may suffer from high blood pressure or have a risk of an enlarged heart.

A person’s heart is their most important organ. It should always be checked on to help a patient live a stronger and easier life.