Is it really just Pins and Needles? All you need to know about Phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy is not a word known by many. However, many have had experience with a phlebotomist in their lifetime. A Phlebotomist is a certified technician who draws, prepares, and helps analyze a person’s blood.

This job is only meant for those who have been trained because a phlebotomist is dealing with some of the main arteries in a person’s body. The good thing is that the training is less than a year and it is an essential skill to have as a health care worker.

Why is it important

Phlebotomy is important for a lot of reasons. For instance, it can show if a person has any diseases and help predict any future health issues that may come. It also can give the doctor the tools and info needed to do blood transplants and any future surgical operations.

Not just anyone can be a phlebotomist. They have to go through vigorous training and must memorize tons of pieces of information regarding the tools used, how to use them, and where to put them. For instance, there are three main veins to draw blood from and one wrong move can cause some health issues in the future.

How Is It Done

A phlebotomists job is a lot more than just sticking needles in someone’s arm. They must be able to keep the patients calm and be able to tell how much they should take. They also have to know various tools to use specific to a patient as well as how to prepare the blood for the doctors.

A phlebotomist is a doctor’s right-hand man as their work helps cure and diagnose health issues going on. Their ability to keep the most terrified patients calm and to accurately depict the correct vein and tool to be used has helped countless doctors get the correct info they need to provide the best treatment. So the next time you have to get blood drawn, know there is a lot behind that needle.