Is It Time for Vocational Schools to Make a Return?

Is it time for vocational schools to make a return? The student loan debt crisis is the worst it has been. Despite the problems, students continue to search for higher education as a source to improve their careers. The problem is solving the student loan crisis among young adults. Currently, there are 44 million borrowers of $1.6 trillion dollars in debt. It is the second largest debt after mortgage debt.

Education can’t be disputed. It is valuable. However, the problem is not the education. It is the fields that student pursue that make it difficult. Nevertheless, students and many colleges have demonstrated the committed of enrollment. Immediately, students notice how difficult it is to find a job after graduation. This is because most students were sold on the idea that success equals working in an office setting.

Coincidentally, the best success stories are from vocational schools. Furthermore, there is a crisis in the trade world for skilled workers. Medical and technical trades are the most in-demand employment sectors currently. In addition, Sanchez suggests that the job market shouldn’t be whom you know or where you are from, but the ability to demonstrate skills.

Vocational schools demonstrate the importance of improving your skill set. There are a number of good programs that students can choose from.

  1. I.T Specialist
  2. Networking Specialist
  3. Certified Nurse Aide
  4. Certified Home Health Aide
  5. EKG Technician
  6. Phlebotomy Technician
  7. Plumbing
  8. Auto Mechanic
  9. Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Over the past year, Wall Street Journal has supported technology schools as the new economy reformers. Unfortunately, there is a negative connotation associated with trade schools. It is too far from the truth.

The truth is vocational schools are the bright light in the student loan crisis. Vocational schools are the economy’s future.