Employment Skyrockets in the Healthcare Sector. Job Outlook is Great.

Employment skyrockets in the healthcare sector. The job outlook is great. In the next twenty years, it’s not a secret that healthcare continues to be the strongest sector f or employment. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a projected growth in health care jobs is 15.3 percent. In fact, more than half of the top 20 fastest growing occupations in the United States are related to health care.

For instance, home health aide positions are expected to grow 45 percent. Fortunately, there are other sectors that are increasing in jobs too. However, health care is the most reliable. Essentially, with a medical job, the job security is sound. Additionally, most occupations in health care do not require a medical school degree. For individuals starting to change their industries, health care presents a unique opportunity to expand

There are many high paying jobs in health care too. Among the highest paid positions, includes the Nurse Practitioners which earn a solid $66,440 annually. Certified Nurse Aide courses lead to Nurse Practitioner positions. For most employers, they prefer to train in-house and provide their Certified Nurse Aides grants to further their education.

Nevertheless, education in health care is in demand.