Wow! Healthcare Certifications Can Do All of That? I Had No Idea.

“Wow! Healthcare certifications can do all of that? I had no idea!” A student shouted excitedly the moment she discovered that she could pay for her college through earning a certification. It was one of the best reactions of the night. Her smile lit up the gym like a night light. After she learned about her options, she dragged some of her friends over to learn more about how certifications can assist in paying for your school versus taking out student loans.

The wonders of discovering that you don’t need to take out student loans to pay for college.

The misconception is that students need to take out student loans to pay for college. This is not true. Career colleges or Technical Schools offer technical trade programs that pay as well as a full-time career. What does that mean? It means that most businesses or companies have internal scholarship that they offer to students to advance their education.

For example, let’s say you decide to become a nurse. A nurse needs clinical experience. Basically, a nurse takes a certification program. After a certification class as a Certified Nurse Aide, most hospitals or nursing homes provide tuition assistance toward a full nursing degree.

Additionally, certifications offer an escape from the dreaded retail work place. You will have a better, more rewarding career. Imagine working in a field like Phlebotomy Technician or EKG Technician? I mean you’re already going to be earning more than $15/hr which is way more than what you’d make at McDonalds or Walmart.

In case you don’t like reading a lot, this is a summary!

Summary of the many healthcare certifications can do for you:

  1. Make you more marketable
  2. You never lose value
  3. Employers love them
  4. You’ll have a great career
  5. It beats working in retail
  6. Earn more money
  7. Employer sponsor to pay for college
  8. Networking with top companies like Quest or Labcorp
  9. Improves people skills
  10. Healthcare will not lose its jobs to robots or AI

I could probably list a 100 more things certifications can do for you. I probably will! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@esacademy-usa.com.