How to Pay for College the Smart Way

The fall season is the time when most seniors at High Schools are anxious about their choices. I don’t blame them. It’s a stressful time. I sit at hundreds of High School gyms. The mission that they have is good at heart. However, what I noticed is the amount of presentations available on Financial Aid. There is never a discussion on how to pay for college without the debt.

How to Pay for College the Smart Way!

Colleges are an Excellent Choice, but Not the Only Option

Colleges and Universities are an excellent choice to advance your career. There is a big but though! I am an advocate for education. Education is the best source of enlightenment. Unfortunately, I started to hear a trend from representatives. They never tell you about how expensive it is to attend college. Additionally, they don’t tell you the awful stories of debt and paying off college loans either.

Debt is a Big Turn Off. Don’t Fall for the Trap of Financial Aid.

This is because it is a big turn off. It took Obama twenty years to pay off his student loans despite earning a triple figure salary. It is sad. Imagine if you are someone who doesn’t earn that pay? It’s basically setting you up for failure the moment you step out of college. Sure, there are grants and scholarships available. These grants aren’t available to everyone. You have to meet certain criteria.

There is a Smart Way to Pay for College through Vocational Training.

What if I told you there was a smart way to pay for college. You probably think it’s a scam. It’s definitely not. Bill Gates is an advocate for vocational training. It is the future of education. I tell people that they can pay college through a health care certification. There are medical companies that will pay up to 50% to 75% tuition assistance towards a four-year degree.

Pay of Your College with a Vocational School Career.

The second I tell high school students that they can pay for college and not be in debt for 15-20 years they jump with excitement. It is an untold secret that most universities won’t tell you. It beats working in retail too. Retail stories pay minimum page. Furthermore, certification programs act as careers. They are something you can fall back on when trouble hits. They look great on resumes too.

The second I give students the option they sign up.