The Cheat Code: Students Realize Taking Out Student Loans Isn’t the Way

“Are you serious? This is a cheat code,” a student exclaimed the moment I told him the truth about how he can spend only 3-weeks in a classroom and earn as much as a college graduate.

Financial Aid and Student Loans are a Bad Idea

It is a topic I like to talk about. For decades, students have used Financial Aid and Student Loans to pay for college. The student loan debt is almost at 1.6 trillion. Sadly, I continue seeing a new generation of students make the same error. For most of my friends, who are now working full-time jobs, they continue to pay their student loans and cannot afford to buy a new home. This is the trap that most college students fall for.

There are New Opportunities to Pay for College.

Nevertheless, this is why we have schools embracing new opportunities. The newest generation of graduates realize that being in debt is a horrible idea. I took it as my mission to educate them on how to pay for college the smart way. While grants and scholarships are a good idea, they aren’t always accessible to everyone. At the same time, students don’t necessary receive the experience they need to succeed once they graduate from a college or a university.

Student signs up as soon as she realizes there are better choices.

What works is having a plan. As soon as you graduate high school, your first move is to find a valuable career with an established company. The second you earn a good certification, like an EKG Technician one, you are capable of earning a good salary. It shocks students the second I tell them that EKG Technicians earn a median salary of $45,000 and only spend three weeks in a classroom.

The Cheat Code: Working in Retail is Not Great. There are Better Options.

You don’t need to work in retail. There are better career options available to you. Once you graduate high school, spend your summer earning a certification in EKG or Phlebotomy. They’re good options for career opportunities. Additionally, there are medical companies willing to pay for your tuition. It’s almost like a “cheat code” type of deal.