November is a Good Month to Start Your New Year’s Resolution

The month of October is gone. November is here. As we put away our Halloween costumes and enjoy what is left of our candy, we embrace Thanksgiving. It is the month that reminds us the new year is almost here. What I know is that most people wait until December to plan their New Year’s Resolution.

A New Year’s Resolution is a spark of motivation to do something new. You could lose weight, start a new career, or write a new book. What if we used the month of November to motivate us to change? What if we didn’t wait until December or January to start something we always wanted to do? These are good questions. Honestly, I thought about it.

November is a good month to start your New Year’s Resolution because it pushes you to start a journey you’re waiting to come to you. It is the perfect month to test yourself through times that are fun and filled with joy. How badly do you want to change? How important is your life’s pursuit?

Reasons the month of November is a Good Beginning:

  1. Companies are opening new opportunities for the career you want
  2. Schools are offering educational services that begin in the winter
  3. Gyms are offering membership discounts for those ready to workout
  4. Families provide support during gatherings like Thanksgiving and/or Christmas

When I started my Master’s degree, it was the month of November that I chose to start. I wanted my New Year to start on a good note. You should consider using the month of November as a time to start too!