Career Education is on the Rise and Here’s Why

You may not follow the stock market. It’s okay though. The trends are what someone can pick up on though if you do follow the stock market. When something rises in the stock market, it’s because it has value. It is reported that the Career Education sector is rising by almost 14%. What does that mean for you? It indicates that career education may be the better choice.

There are several reasons why reports find that the stock market is rising with the career education sector.

Less Time in School

Yup, I have heard the horror stories of people needing to spend at least 2-years in colleges to go through core classes that have nothing to do with their major. It is a struggle. I mean, during high school, it makes sense that we learn subjects that we may not be interested in. It makes us well rounded. What’s the deal of it being the same thing in college and university? The main problem is that colleges and universities are super expensive.

You won’t have the same issue with a career school. A career school program lasts anywhere from 3-weeks to 6 months. They don’t waste time learning things they will not need for their career. It’s a common argument. Vocational schools act like apprenticeships where they train you for the specific thing you want to learn. It makes sense right? I thought so too.

Earnings are as Good, If Not Better than a 4-Year School

If matters didn’t make things worse, you dish out thousands of dollars only to find out that career students spend less and earn as good. It is a total mind blown moment. Career Education graduates earn on average $42,000 in comparison to a college graduate who earns a little more around $45,000. If you compare the amount they spent on their degree, then you would see why the career trade school is a better option.

There are Medical Billing & Coders who earn a salary of $65,000 and they only spend 8-weeks in school. I call that thinking and acting smart. This doesn’t mean you can’t earn more or less, but AT LEAST you won’t be in mountains of debt.

Final Thoughts

There are more choices than ever before. You may not agree with my opinion which is absolutely fine! However, the general public doesn’t lie. When people gravitate towards a direction, it’s because it’s the smarter option.

This is a side by side comparison of a career school graduate and a trade school graduate