A Personal Experience On Online Classes

I grew up during an age where computers were starting to come out. During the 90’s, it was the last generation of kids that knew what it meant to not have computer access. I remembered the first time I experienced the internet. It wasn’t as epic as it is today. The loading time was incredibly slow. However, it fascinated me. I’d spend hours a day exploring the internet and the wonderful opportunities it presented.

I’m not that old yet. I experienced the dawn of the internet, yet have seen firsthand how it’s evolved to fit the needs of the people. Traditionally, I attended in-classroom sessions during my four-year degree. It was all we knew. In the span of 10 years since I graduated, a lot has changed.

After discovering the beauty of online classes, I went for my Master’s degree and an Online Medical Billing & Coding certification simultaneously. This is what I encountered during my online classes.

Online Classes are Affordable

The first thing I noticed was the expenses. The online classes were cheaper than the in-classroom sessions that I remembered going through. Additionally, you get more for your money. The materials were up-to-date and the instructors were available 24/7. It was like having a virtual classroom at your fingertips and accessible at your convenience. With a full-time job, it was imperative that I had flexible hours. I couldn’t imagine being stuck in traffic attempting to get to a class on time. It’d be impossible.

Online Courses are Flexible

I was sold on the flexibility time. For most people attending a Master’s degree program, it takes them about 2-years to finish. However, it took me less time. In one year, I managed to earn my Master’s Degree. In 8-weeks, I completed my Online Medical Billing & Coding certification. I noticed immediately that my time wasn’t wasted on useless lectures or the attempt to fill time-slots. My time mattered.

Online Instructors are Super Credentialed

I am not knocking my professors at my four-year university. I loved my time there. However, what I noticed the second that I started taking online classes was that the instructors I had were super credentialed and experts in their field. The quality of instructors you receive during your online sessions are at the top. This is because these experts have more flexibility to teach at more than one location and share their knowledge to students that are eager to learn.

My Final Thoughts on Online Courses

It’s not for everyone. For those who need hands on training, they continue to offer hybrid classes that offer the best of both worlds. My final thoughts on Online Courses are that they are no longer the type of education you should be ashamed of. As more companies embrace the technology changes, they expect their employees to understand the changes too.

I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish as much as I had in a year without them. I’m thankful for the technological advances that give more people the opportunity to move onto their next step.