The Importance of Following Your Passion

Every person, who was born into this world, has the right to follow their passion. A tragedy reminds us that our time on Earth is limited. It’s essential that we use our time as an opportunity to do better and help those around us improve for the future.

Additionally, making everything count is very important. Whether you are a poor person, a middle class person, a musician, or an artist, following your passion is important. Here’s why it is important to follow your passion.

Many great leaders, musicians, artists, actors, and more have died very young or had major accidents and passed away. For example, Christina Grimmie died by a crazy fan. She was only 22 years old! Another example, Kobe Bryant and his daughter, 13 years old, died in a helicopter crash. As well as that, Robert Williams died from medical issues.

But, all of these great people passed away, but they didn’t lose hope. They didn’t stop following their passion. Eminem once said in his song, “Lose Yourself”, “Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” Everyone has only one shot or one opportunity in life.

It is why following your passion is important. Anything bad can happen to you. Are you going to let your passion slip from your hands? The path to your passion may seem difficult and full of struggles. But, if Christine Grimmie and Kobe Bryant could follow their passion, so can you.

“Don’t stop believin’. Hold on to that feelin’,” stated Journey. If you ever feel like you can’t go on anymore or anything, just remember that you’re not alone. This is your time to follow your passion.