The Role of Phlebotomists for 2020

The art of drawing blood hasn’t seen a brighter future until now. After the two day conference in Minnesota, medical teams learned the effects of overcoming different challenges. They discovered the importance of infection prevention and tackle issues commonly encountered by Phlebotomy. Despite modern technological advances in the medical field, Phlebotomists have job security like no other.

Phlebotomy Has Value in Society

The main reason for job security is the value it has on society. It’s a hidden gem in the medical world. Phlebotomists play an invaluable role in the medical team. Their contributions are not limited to blood. On the contrary, they’re the reason most diagnoses can be made. Since the introduction of modern medicine, Phlebotomy is how most medical professionals find an illness in a patient. The accuracy of uncovering an illness is how doctors can find the right cure for their patients.

Job Outlook is High for the Next 20 Years

There is a fear that AI will replace most people in the workplace. Artificial Intelligence is an excellent tool for the medical field to assist. However, there is one big problem with it. It lacks the emotional connection to handle most patients. This may be true for some fields except for medical. While there are some advances in robotics, the human touch, and emotional connection cannot be replaced. This is the truth. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Phlebotomists is high. It’s up to a 23% increase.

How Phlebotomy Will Change for 2020

There are courses available online for Phlebotomy. Phlebotomy will have a bigger impact in 2020 because of how in-demand healthcare is for the baby boomer generation. In addition to the baby boomer generation, more millennials and Generation Z are health conscious. They’re aware of how health can impact someone’s life. Nevertheless, a good career can is waiting for Phlebotomists who can work in a number of locations.