Support for Vocational Schools

Support for vocational schools are growing to meet job demands of the future. According to couple articles, Governor Phil Murphy visited the campus of Middlesex County Vocational School to announce his approach. His approach, without a doubt, is to close the gap. The gap is between the needs of employers and the skills of prospective workers.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

In addition, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month is February. Career and Technical Education is the practice of teaching specific career skills to students. Moreover, it’s a good time to recognize the important role that vocational-technical schools in New Jersey play in helping the state achieve the goals. Moreover, there are minimal requirements students need. This includes all of the academics required for high school graduation and admission to college, as well as diligent technical coursework aligned to industry standards. They also get work-based experience through an internship or paid employment. And either earn industry credentials or pass a technical skills assessment to demonstrate their skills.

Demand for Technical Education CTE is Exploding!

The demand for CTE in New Jersey is exploding. More students and parents pressing for these career-focused opportunities than schools can serve. In 2018, voters approved a major bond act. This act will provide $275 million to expand county vocational schools. It’s purpose is to serve more students and address the needs of New Jersey employers.


In conclusion, the governor has taken an important step. That step toward ensuring the residents of the state having the skills they need for the workforce of the future. And county vocational schools will play a vital role in preparing students for those jobs.