Millennials are Shaping Healthcare Careers

It’s no secret that millennials are the largest generation group and are the dominant population in the workforce. Officially, there are a over 71 million millennials. However, it’s not their population that makes them the driving force of change for 2020. It’s their views, as a whole, that are shaping healthcare careers in the future. Their ideologies will shape how health care tackles certain obstacles especially in the workforce. They hold meaning to how the future will change.

The future will change to suit people’s thoughts and opinions.

Health has Meaning and Includes Technology

Millennials view the world and work differently. In terms of technology, millennials enjoy their fair share of technological advances. They live in the digital world. Healthy habits are encouraged by the millennial generation through fitness trackers and other health apps. Additionally, more than 27% of millennial already report using a fitness app or a device. For this reason alone, more positions like Medical Billing & Coding, Medical Office, and EKG Technicians will be in-demand. They require a heavy use of technological software and devices.

Careers Provide Flexibility and Growth

With the idea of flexibility and growth, Millennials search for career choices that have meaning. This gives jobs like certified home health aide and certified nurse aide a steady future. As more millennials search for jobs that offer flexibility and growth, health care fields offer the right fit for what most are searching for. For more millennials, growth is essential to sustaining a future with a company. Medical is one of the two fields, including technology, that doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Career Training Must Be Quick and Effective

Millennials are becoming less satisfied with the educational choices available to them. The traditional 4-year college is less appealing. With the rise of college and university costs, there are alternative careers that younger milllenials have their eye on. A good example includes Medical Assistant. Medical Assistants spend less time in school, but make an average income of $40,000 which is as much a fresh out of college graduate with loads of debt.

In reality, just because something worked for generations before doesn’t mean it will work today. Millennials are looking to change the traditions and push towards the future.