How to Escape the Stress

You turn on the television you cannot escape it. You go on social media and it’s like you’re hit again with more sad news. I think no one likes to see other people suffer. The COVID-19 Crisis reminds us that sometimes there is no escaping the bad. It almost feels like you’re battling to stay positive.

Unfortunately, for everyone around the world, this situation is a nightmare you can’t escape from. However, in times that are tough, being stressed will make the situation worse.

What I’ve learned is that being stressed won’t make the problem disappear. You can’t escape the problem, but you can work towards escaping the stress. These are times where keeping your mind active and being busy towards something more productive will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’re all waiting for the good news to return or at least our lives to return to normal.

Spend Time with Family

This crisis reminds us how precious time is. Sincerely, this is the time you should hug your loved ones tight and remind them how much you love them. It’s always been known to us that nothing is predictable especially life.

It almost feels like doom and gloom these days. There isn’t a certainty to life. With that being said, spending time with family is more crucial than ever before. If you are home, spend more time with your loved ones. You may never get a moment like this again.

Keep Your Mind Distracted

Your mind is a temple. The more time you spend thinking about what is going in the world the more stressed you’ll become. Nevertheless, as hard as it may be, attempt to keep your mind distracted with more positive outcomes.

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, turn the t.v off and stay away from social media. You can use this time to distract your mind through medication or positive affirmation podcasts. You’ll feel better afterwards!

Invest in Education

I’ve seen more people use their free time to invest in education. Realistically, you might not be working right now. You’re probably asking yourself how you’ll afford it.

There are affordable educational programs and certification classes that can help you get started. Health care careers are proving, once more, to be a recession free education.

How to Escape Stress

Learn at Home

There are books you can read. Audio-books, podcasts, and online classes are a new trend in learning. I’ve taken advantage of my free time to begin earning certifications.

I know right now is probably not the best time for the job market, but if history has shown us anything, times get better. It won’t be this bad forever. The more skills you can attain under your belt the better you’ll be once the economy picks up.