Unemployed? More Employers Encourage the Unemployed to Seek Career Schools

It was six months ago that COVID-19 changed the world’s perception of education.  It changed every industry whether for good or bad.  After COVID-19 forced closings throughout the nation, many Americans have lost their jobs.

It’s a sad turn of events. In July, the country continues to struggle with unemployed numbers.  Nevertheless, the white house encouraged the unemployed to seek career schools for job advancing opportunities.

There is a new ad that encourages people that are unemployed or unhappy in their jabs to find something new through career education. The current administration supports skill-based jobs and vocational training versus college degrees.  They argue that college isn’t for everyone.

This is what you need to know about Career Schools and why the White House supports them.

Bill Gates Supports Them

It’s not a secret.  Bill Gates is a big supporter of career schools.  It’s because there are plenty of jobs out there that require minimal learning but are excellent.  For instance, there is a demand for truck drivers. America lost touch with blue-collar jobs because they are seen as less valuable.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Health care professionals across a number of fields are needed.  There is a shortage of technology, health care, and construction work.

Jobs Are Out There.  Career Schools Bridge the Gap.

Career schools bridge the gap for training.  While colleges focus on general education, career schools concentrate on preparing students for a career.  Recently, trade schools are in for an education.

I’ll say this again.  The jobs are out there.  Are they jobs that people are searching for?  It may not be necessarily the case.  However, what I’ve learned is that there are jobs that are in high demand, yet a shortage of workers applies to them.  Home Health Aides are needed everywhere.  There are home care agencies desperate for workers.  The number of applicants don’t match the need.

Less Money and Time Spent.

If you are unemployed, here is something you may not know.  There are government-funded programs that will pay for your career training.  There are companies that will assist with your tuition too.  For instance, certified nurse aides receive full tuition reimbursement upon finishing their training.  They receive the money they invested within 6 months of completing their classes.

The best part is that they spent money and less time in school.

I am not saying that you should transition right away to finding a career school.  However, it’s definitely an option if you want a change in jobs.  It’s the future of education.