How to Prepare for Schools Re-Opening

We are the middle of July battling a heat wave.  I am sure that you’re probably not thinking about schools re-opening in September, but it’s a possibility.  While some schools transitioned to an online sector, there are classes that require students to be present physically to complete their education.

In the state of New Jersey, Governor Murphy requires students to wear masks, temperature readings, and social distancing.  Also, he gives parents and students the option of picking whether to go to school online or in-class.

The concept of going back to school in the midst of COVID-19 seems impossible.  However, there are schools that have made the possibility feasible for most.  I’ve experienced it firsthand.  There are ways you can prepare for a schools re-opening.  While it does take some more effort, safety should be your number one priority.

These are some tips you can use to prepare for a school’s re-opening.

Remember the Guidelines

A school must have a set of guidelines posted on their website and visible for students who are returning to their campuses.  In addition, these guidelines can be found on the NJ.gov website for your convenience.  These are guidelines that schools must adhere to before opening their doors to students.

A sample of guidelines include: 

  1. Social distancing
  2. Wearing a mask
  3. Temperature readings
  4. No more than a certain number of students per class

Ask Questions

If you’re unsure about something, ask questions.  Your safety and the safety of your loved ones are invaluable.  The more questions that you ask the more prepared you’ll be for the re-opening.  I would recommend writing the questions that you have on-hand and speaking to someone in charge of the operations at the school.  This can include a principal, guidance counselors, directors, and teachers.

Take Precaution

It’s true that schools are responsible for the well being of their students.  However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid taking precaution.  There is no such thing as a 100% fail proof plan. I work with students daily.  This is a fight that everyone needs to be aware of.

I encourage educators and students alike to take precaution. If you see someone without a mask or not washing their hands properly, take the time to step in.  This involves washing your hands, carrying hand sanitizer, and remembering to keep your distance from others.

It’s a scary thought that schools might be re-opening soon across the nation.  Nevertheless, this scary event doesn’t need to be a disaster.  With the right precaution and safety measures, school can be a pleasant experience again.