Today is the Best Time to Register!

Today is the best time to register for classes. Why do you ask? Summer is ending and autumn is around the corner. Most people are already bored at home with nothing to do. Imagine this: in the near month of August, people will be bored at home with nothing to do. In addition, most people are productive near the autumn more than being productive over the summer. So, don’t waste more of your time doing nothing. You can start today with learning our medical courses and get a career.

Here are our courses coming up for August: https://esacademy-usa.com/2020/07/24/courses-starting-in-august/

Here are our courses coming up for September as well:

All Campuses

  1. Certified Nurse Aide – 9/14 morning
  2. Online Phlebotomy – 9/8 both morning and evening
  3. Online EKG – 9/21 evening
  4. Online Medical Billing and Coding – 9/8
  5. Online Medical Office Assistant – 9/21


  1. Online Phlebotomy – 9/14 evening


  1. Certified Home Health Aide – 9/28

South Plainfield

  1. Certified Home Health Aide – 9/14

It’s not too late to register for these courses as registration will continue throughout the month. You can contact our admissions team today at 844-372-2233.

  • Lawrenceville ext: 302
  • South Plainfield ext: 101, 102, 104
  • Elizabeth ext: 201, 202, 204