I Hate Mondays. Here’s How You Can Make Your Monday Better.

We’ve all been there.  I hate Mondays!  As much as I would like to agree that Mondays are the worst, I have learned to embrace them.  It’s like having a fresh start to a new week.  When I ask people why they don’t like Mondays, it’s usually because they have to go endure another “bs” day at work.

I sometimes ask them why they continue to do the same routine that they don’t like.  If you don’t like the same routine and your Mondays are dreadful, why continue to do the same thing?  It makes little sense to me.  Logically, it would make sense for us to want to change something that we don’t like.  However, we are met with phrases like “discipline,” “tough it out,” and “hustling.”  Hustling doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it.  What’s the point of that?

I usually suggest to them that there are ways they can improve their Mondays.  If you are suffering the Mondays, here are some ways you can make your Monday better.

A list of five things to make your Mondays better.

  1. Change your routine –  If you find that you’re always doing the same routine on Monday, try changing it with something you like to do before heading to your job.
  2. Time for a career change – Yup!  I know what you are probably going to say.  I don’t have the means!  I can’t do that!  You can definitely do that.  With online courses available at your fingertips, learn a new skill.  You shouldn’t suffer at your workplace.  There are millions of businesses needing talented people like you.
  3. Gain a new passion for your job –  Okay, maybe you’re not willing to change careers.  Why not take an outside look in as to why you like your job?  You can undertake a new project, maybe suggest doing something new, or putting more time into the things you do like at work.
  4. Develop a new passion –  This is what I tell people who come to me with advice.  When you do the same things repeatedly, it can get boring.  I tell them to find other passions to pursue.  It’s what makes living worth it!
  5. Appreciate the small things – If all else fails, you can remember to appreciate the small things like the awesome music in your car, the nice blue skies, or the people you get to meet during the day.  It’s like those small things we don’t really take in because we’re busy with our daily routines.  It’s good to take a step back and look around.

I know that Mondays can be a nightmare, but let’s try to make them better!