Using the Pain of Loss as a Motivator to Do Better

Your world might be in shambles. I am here to tell you that it’s not the end of the world and everything will be okay. I’m uncertain who needs to read this right now, but after meeting with several people, I decided to write this.

The pain of Loss can Be Liberating

It’s what we encountered this year.   For some, it’s been a year of loss whether financially, spiritually, emotionally, or economically.  The pain of loss is triggered when you realize you’ve lost a part of yourself that was valuable.   In these troubling times, it can almost feel like a nightmare and an uphill battle to find peace of mind again.   While it is never easy finding the light when you are feeling a certain way, using the pain of loss as a motivator can be liberating.

The ache in your belly, the dull burning sensation in your heart, and your never-ending thoughts can be your worst enemy or your best friend.   It’s a bit of slow torture. I used to curl up in a corner when these types of situations would happen.  However, over time, I realized that these emotional lows are the best time to find yourself and get moving.  To transition your ache to something wonderful takes practice, yet once you master it, you’ll realize that nothing really can stand in your way.

Focus Positive Energy into a New Skill

The way you transition your negative energy into a positive outcome is by using it to fuel your desire to never feel the way you did.  You can work on a new skill with the countless of online programs available, find another hobby, explore what’s out there, or take the time to self reflect to understand what it is that you’re missing from your life.  The beautiful thing about learning to deal with heartache is that you eventually understand what makes you happy.

Regardless, of what you choose, something better is waiting for you.