Halfway Through September! Register for Classes

We have reached the halfway mark of September which means Autumn is almost here. There’s still time left to register for the upcoming September classes before October. We have an Online EKG class that starts on September 21st for the evening. We also have an Online Medical Office class on the same day as Online EKG. In addition, we have a Certified Home Health Aide class that starts on September 28th.

Why should you register for classes even though it’s almost the end of September? The reason because most people like to take classes early to get it over with. It’s like that one saying, “start early, finish early.” You might ask, “couldn’t I just register for a later date instead?” Yes, you could. If registering for a later date works with your schedule, do it. If you have free time to take the class early, do it. The decision is up to you. Our classes are affordable compared to universities and colleges. In addition, shorter than taking a degree or taking a summer course.

For more information on how to register for our courses, contact us today at 844-372-2233 and visit us at http://www.esacademy-usa.com