Why More Students are Choosing Vocational Schools for Their Careers and Employment Options

There are more students choosing vocational schools for their careers and employment options.  The reason is simple.  The jobs and employment opportunities are available across a number of different vocational programs.  These programs include I.T and Healthcare which are the fastest growing sectors in the United States currently.  While the Corona Virus has stunned the job market, the fields that were resistant to the changing climate involved more vocational, technical trade programs.  In addition, more students are realizing that college and university isn’t the only way to get a good career.  These are some reasons why more students are switching to the vocational and technical school route.

You Spend Less Time in School

It’s a fact.  The average student who attends vocational or technical programs spend less time in school.  The average student spends about 2 years less than the average college/university student.  Furthermore, there are programs you can complete in less than four weeks.  Did you know a Phlebotomist can earn a good salary of $40,000, yet they only spend about four weeks in school?  This is the incredible part about vocational schools in general.  They don’t have a hard learning curve, and the careers are worth it.  Before I decided to go for my Master’s, I opted to get a certification in Medical Billing & Coding because I’d spend less time in school and earn more money.  It’s a smart investment.

Less Money is Spent

If you want to save money, avoid large investments and commitments in education.  There are less students taking out student loans and opting to go to county colleges.  In recent years, more high school graduates choose to go to a technical program before enrolling into a four year school.  It’s a good way to save money while earning more at the same time.  Could you imagine earning a nice salary of $40,000-$50,000 with a career like EKG Technician, yet you only spend 3 weeks in school?  It’s an awesome accomplishment and a smart choice to get a head start on your career.

Reliable Job Market

There is nothing more to say.  The Corona Virus didn’t stop health care workers and neither did it stop the tech industry.  These two sectors blossomed during a difficult time period.  These technical programs are recession free.  This indicates that they are reliable during rough times.  You won’t need to fear losing your job or seeing your skills be replaced by machines.  The reason is, as long as people are in need of health care, health care and other vocational school programs are useful.   The technical trade industry focuses on jobs that are in-demand, and this is something that can’t be replaced.