Best Seasonal Jobs are in Healthcare. New Classes Beginning in October

Being approached by students, opened my eyes to how many are unsure what to do during this fall season.  A see countless students who are eagerly searching for something different or new.  As our favorite holidays get closer and that exciting time is drawing nearer, more people are looking for seasonal jobs.  This is around the time period where more retail and restaurants look to hire seasonal part-time workers.  Did you know that the best seasonal jobs are in health care?

Look No Further than Healthcare

If you are searching for a new job or a career advancement opportunity for 2020, look no further than health care.   The benefit of being in the health care field that most seasonal positions lead to full-time careers.  You earn more too.  The average employee in health care earns more than $5 per hour than the average seasonal worker at a retail store.

Four Weeks or Less is All It Takes

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to enter the health care field.  It’s not a long educational period either.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to pick and choose what area of expertise they’d like to be in.  It’s one of those fields searching for more compassionate employees.  You can’t replace compassionate employees with robots or artificial intelligence. In four weeks or less, earn a new certification and a new career.

No Robots Can Replace Human Compassion

There are no self-checkout lanes in health care.  There are no cleaning robots or attempts at eliminating the human workforce.  It’s far different in the health care profession.  The employers of hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, and more are desperate for more workers.  While technology is present in all fields, it’s not a replacement for human compassion.  As long as there are people in need of health care, humans won’t be interchanged.

The good news is that our classes begin soon. For more information, contact us today at 844-372-2233 or email us at info@esacademy-usa.com