Best Seasonal Jobs for November and December 2020

This is a hot topic for 2020.  Where can you find employment?  I’ve searched through a number of unemployment groups and found that there are millions of Americans who are struggling to find work.  Sadly, the market is not where it used to be due to unforeseen circumstances.  Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should give up.  While it seems many businesses are closed because of COVID-19, fortunately, there are jobs that are blooming during the pandemic.

The best seasonal jobs for November and December are not necessarily seasonal.  These are full-time careers that more people are switching to because of job security.  Healthcare, other than retail, continues to be the safest best for people who are interested in having long-term, worry-free employment.


There are more laboratories hiring today including Labcorp and Quest.  Furthermore, there seems to be a shortage of Phlebotomists especially traveling ones.  There is an increase in demand for testing including COVID-19.  What makes Phlebotomists important are the skills they are taught.  Phlebotomists are specialized in providing testing and mainly work in laboratories.

Certified Home Health Aides

Nursing homes and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients right now.  This is where home care is invaluable.  There are more patients receiving care at home than ever before.  Since the medical system is overwhelmed, hospitals and nursing homes are sending patients home.  There is an increase in demand for home health aides.   What makes this a great opportunity is that most home health aides can pick and choose their schedule.  In addition, home care agencies across the states are offering full-time benefits and incentives to caregivers who are eager to help!

Medical Billing and Coding Specialists

Medical Billing & Coding specialists work remotely. Coincidentally, not many people know what they do.  It’s been an up and coming position for the past decade.  They follow up with claims to ensure that the medical facilities are reimbursed for the services they provide.  With more medical facilities providing care to patients everywhere,  Medical Billing & Coding specialists are crucial to medical teams throughout the country.  This is a certification that I wouldn’t want to miss the chance on earning.

You don’t need to feel stuck at home or believe that retail is your only option for employment opportunities.  You should consider healthcare as an alternative.