Stop Spending a lot on Education, Trade Schools Have What You Need

The cost of education, specifically a four-year college is high. The average annual tuition is about $8,893. This means you will pay $35,572, if you complete the degree in 4 years. That is also not accounting for if you dorm.  This is a lot money. Many people are tired of the cost of college and are turning to trade schools.

Useless Bachelor’s Degrees

Many people going back to trade schools after receiving a bachelor’s degree. 1 in 12 community college students already have a bachelor’s degree. The reason for this is the lack of jobs. Many go to college only to be underpaid or out of work. Not only is trade school more affordable but job outlook is higher and so are the wages. Moreover, many bachelors programs do not give you all the skills needed to obtain a job.

Why Choose Trade Programs

Trade School are a more affordable options than four-year schools. Four-year programs can cost upward of $127,000, where as a trade costs around $16,000 overall. Another benefit of a trade school is that it takes less time. A bachelor’s degree takes a minimum of 4 years to complete, reversely a trade school can take as little as 6 weeks to complete. This saves you time and gets you into the work force quicker.

The current state of the economy has caused many people to lose their jobs. However skilled trades are still in demand. For this reason, trade schools are great to help make the career transition. Moreover, salaries tend to be higher than those who have a bachelors. Depending on your field you earn more than you would with a bachelor’s degree alone.