Reasons Why Becoming a Nurse Aide is a Smart Decision

It’s another day of success at E & S Academy.  It was wonderful to see them smile on their final day of class.  Our newest Certified Nurse Aide graduates finished their class today after four weeks of training which is a mix of clinical and in-class education.

It was a pleasure in assisting them to some degree.  However, of course, their certification is a representation of their individual efforts and no one can take that way from them.

As customary to E & S Academy, please remember that if there is anything we can do for them, we will. Our doors are open to our graduate students to assist them with whatever they need.  It’s why our Certified Nurse Aide course continues to improve.

We trust that they will be successful in their careers including their leadership and skills.  The school is fortunate to have experienced their journey from day one.

How to Get Started as a Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Nurse Aide is one of the most important roles in the health care system.  It’s easy to get started as a Certified Nurse Aide.  Courses are both affordable and short-term.  You won’t need to spend four years in a classroom to gain a career that is valued in society.

The month of November and December are good months to begin your Certified Nurse Aide courses because there are plenty of nursing homes, hospitals, and medical centers in need of medical professionals.  It continues to be one of the top medical opportunities for 2020 despite the growing concerns for employment during the Corona Virus.

Why You Should Become a Certified Nurse Aide

I’m sure you stumbled upon articles that tell you the same thing.  There is a reason more people are choosing Certified Nurse Aide as a career.  You can make a better decision today.  Becoming a Nursing Assistant is a smart way to get into the medical field if you want security in your job.  The medical field allows you to gain valuable experience.  Furthermore, there is an incredibly high demand for Certified Nurse Aides as they tend to have highly varied duties and roles.

I’ll give you five good reasons why you should become a Certified Nurse Aide today.

Job stability – Even during a pandemic, being a CNA offers tremendous job stability because the demand will always be there.  Job opportunities continue to grow.

Flexibility – CNAs have flexible schedules.  They don’t typically work 9 am to 5 pm although they could select that option if they choose.

Rewarding Emotionally – It’s emotionally rewarding to help others in need.  It’s one of the few jobs that don’t have high turnover rates because CNAs develop a relationship with their patients.

Affordable – Certified Nurse Aide courses are affordable and enriched with opportunities for career seekers.  Anyone who is employed in the field will tell you that CNA courses tend to be far more affordable than other types of training.

Good Salary and Benefits – Certified Nurse Aides make a good salary with bonuses and benefits.  These benefits include 401k, health, dental, and vision insurance.  They include life insurance as well.  In addition, I’ve seen some facilities offer 100% tuition reimbursement towards a 4-year degree.  You can’t beat that.