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The Right Health Care Education Won’t Leave You Drowning in Debt

It’s a sad fact that we live in a society where it’s okay to live students in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt without the proper tools to survive.  I’m here to tell you that health care is one of the few opportunities out there that won’t leave you in debt if you follow the right steps in getting into the health care field.  I’ve heard students tell me they are tired.  They are tired of being lied to.  The moment they graduate they are without a paddle and forced to swim.

The job market hasn’t boomed this year due to COVID-19.  A once-booming economy has slowed down because a number of businesses were forced to close or were unable to sustain the operation.  Unfortunately, businesses that were seen as unessential couldn’t stay open.  There were millions of Americans this year who lost their job due to the situation.  Nevertheless, health care was one of the few sectors that saw a bit of an improvement in job opportunities and the situation.

Health Care is Trending

Health is a popular topic because it is a universal need.  The pandemic showed us that health care is one of the few essentials that Americans need.  With that being said, it’s why health care is a trending topic.  There wasn’t a day this year that health care wasn’t at the top of the discussions.  For this reason, health care is a recession free industry.  Despite the recession we are currently going through, health care is the one section that people can count on for jobs and for their basic needs.

Health Care is a Reliable Opportunity

It’s a sad fact, but the truth that recent high school graduates don’t understand their options. They think that going straight to college is the right choice.  “I want something reliable where I won’t lose my job,” is the frequent concern that I hear from the students I interact with every day.  I know their concern is legitimate.  We have a society where it’s okay to leave recent graduates in hundreds of thousands worth of debt and without a proper job opportunity.

What is the right choice?  There isn’t one, but there is a smart choice.

The Smart Choice in Getting Education that Won’t Drown You

The smart choice is considering your options.  Did you know that vocational schools offer health care careers that are at a fraction of the cost?  A recent Certified Nurse Aide graduate will receive a full-tuition reimbursement in the state of New Jersey.  Additionally, most hospitals, nursing homes, medical laboratories, and medical facilities offer excellent tuition assistance towards a four-year degree.

I’m not saying that going after a degree is a bad option.  It’s a good choice.  However, if you want to go straight into college, take out a loan, and be in debt for a big portion of your life, I’d reconsider.  There are other choices out there for you that don’t involve going into debt.  Furthermore, don’t think that there is only one option for success.  There isn’t.  You can find what works for you.

There Are Other Boats to Get On..Other Options

When I tell some students that they have other boats to get on, they look at me like they can’t believe it.  The second I mention how EKG Technicians and Phlebotomy Technicians earn as much as a recent graduate student they do a double-take.  This is because they’ve been only educated to go to college.  It’s normal in our society to encourage people to go straight into debt.  It’s why I took it upon myself to push for a change even if it’s a small one.  After discovering E & S Academy, I realized that the owners had a beautiful vision.  Why leave students in debt when there are other options out there?

What I am saying is that you can find a good career in health care with vocational, career classes that pay well.  If you decide you’d like to be more, then go for it!  There are good organizations and companies that will offer good tuition assistance to push you further in your career.  It’s a safe and smart option.