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How to Get Tuition Assistance for Home Health Aide and Nurse Aide Classes

With the economy the way it is, it’s hard to imagine there being help out there if you want to switch careers.  I have a solution for you now.   Employers are in need of staff including nurses, certified nurse aides, and home health aides.  There are tuition and grants available for students to take advantage of.

Are you interested in taking Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide courses? Are you concerned about how you will pay for classes? Do not worry, we have the answer for you. A newly founded nonprofit organization called the Greater Mercer Area Healthcare Foundation is offering scholarship opportunities. The best part? They are a New Jersey-based organization!

The Greater Mercer Area Healthcare Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fix the nursing shortage. Because of the lack of Certified Nurse aides, they have committed to making certifications financially accessible. They offer scholarships to those interested in taking certified nurse aide and home health aide courses.

Get Certified at E&S Academy

If you are interested in becoming a certified nurse aide or home health aide you can take a course at E&S. We accept tuition assistance from The Greater Mercer Area Healthcare Foundation.  You can complete their online application to see if your eligibility for their scholarship/grant.

E & S Academy has an excellent reputation with our partners. Our career-oriented graduates receive employment resources after graduation. Additionally, our partners are displayed publicly for our graduates. Moreover, our goal is to provide employers with value-added services that streamline recruitment efforts.

As a result, our employers are reputable and nationwide. For graduates at E & S Academy, these employers are hiring near your location. Some of our employers include E&S Home Care Solutions, always best care, BioTelemetry, Enable Inspired Care. and many more.

For more information on our employer sponsors and partnerships please visit https://esacademy-usa.com/employment-and-internship-program-and-partners/