Six Reasons to Start a Career in Phlebotomy

The Phlebotomy Technician are important members of the medical team. Phlebotomy technicians work in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and blood banks. The demand for Certified Phlebotomy Technicians has grown over the past few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A phlebotomy technician is a great career path and has many reasons to start your career in phlebotomy.

Short-term program – Becoming a certified phlebotomy technician is super fast. Our program alone is an 80-hour course, consisting of 50 hours online and 30 hours in-classroom clinicals.

Affordable Education – Becoming a phlebotomy technician is not only a short program but it is also affordable. Most phlebotomy certification courses cost less than $2,000.

Job Security – Phlebotomy technicians are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor predicts that from 2018 to 2028, there will be an estimated 14% increase in the medical sector. Phlebotomy jobs top that with 23% projected growth.

Great Pay – The average entry-level phlebotomy technician earns more than $34,000 per year. This is more than the average entry-level job which pays $32,000. Top earners make over $50,000 per year.

Flexible Hours – You can work 9-5 if you want, however, because hospitals are 24/7 you can work early mornings or overnight shifts if you prefer.

Work Anywhere in the USA – As a certified phlebotomy technician, you can work anywhere in the country! Because this is a national certification you can move across the country and still find a job in phlebotomy. You are not limited to the state you earn your certification in.

As you can see there are many reasons to become a phlebotomy technician. The increase in demand for phlebotomy technicians has increased dramatically so do not wait! You can sign up today and start your new year off with a new career!