Health Care Leads Job Recovery in the United States

It’s been one of those rollercoaster years.  I think, for most Americans, we are waiting for the stability to return.  Unfortunately, this past year has taught us that technology is important in today’s society.  The recession and COVID-19 impacted job growth this year.  Millions of Americans were left at home without employment or a stable income.  It can be concerning as a parent or main provider of the family to not have a stable income.  In addition, there is no guarantee that things will go back to normal even with the vaccine.  It may take time for jobs to return to a “normal” way of conducting business, but it may not return.

This is a possibility that jobless individuals should factor in.  During the past year, many businesses worked on improving their technology and AI to include automating most of their processes to avoid bringing in more hands and to cut costs.  It’s a sad reality.  When it comes to cutting costs, many industries are in favor of using artificial intelligence to improve their infrastructure. What does this mean? It may mean that there may not be as many positions available in other sectors.

Health Care Jobs are Stable

However, there is hope though.  There may not be the same jobs available as before COVID-19, but there are new jobs emerging because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The shift towards technology and artificial intelligence is not a shift that health care is interested in.  In other words, there are sectors right now that enjoy helping hands and need them as soon as possible. As of December, health care leads to job recovery in the United States.  It’s suggested that health care gains 8.2% of the recovered jobs followed by the arts at 5.5%.  Despite the current recession, health care is one of the few industries that hasn’t stopped in job growth or creation.  This is the stability that you should consider when choosing a new career path.   You should pick a career that won’t go out of style because of another pandemic.  At least, you’ll be better prepared for what is coming.

AI Can’t Replace the Human Touch

This year proved that humans cannot be replaced by the human touch in of the most important sectors in our lifetime.  Health care is considered crucial for most Americans and people across the world.  It’s because it’s the one aspect of our life that can’t be changed or impacted through money alone.  It helps us with our quality of life.  While technology can assist with certain data entry positions of health care, it can’t replace the human need for emotion and compassion.  Nevertheless, this is why health care continues to increase in job growth and stability.  There are more people in need of care than before.  This pandemic won’t disappear overnight.  This means that more health care facilities will look at hiring more staff to be better prepared for the future.  It’s a lesson learned.