Four of the Biggest Myths About Vocational Education

There are a lot of misconceptions about vocational schools. Many high school students plan to go to a four-year college after graduating.  In fact, a lot of people do not even take vocational schools into consideration when planning their careers. This is unfortunate as a vocational education may be more valuable than a four-year degree, to a certain extent. This is a result of the many myths surrounding vocational education.

Myth #1 – Vocational Education is Only for Trades

This is false. There are many vocational institutions that other a wide variety of programs. Some of these include healthcare, business, web development, and much more.

Myth #2 – Vocational Education is a Dead-End Choice

This could not be further from the truth. Attending a vocational school gives you the hands-on training and skills you will need to find a job. In many cases attending a vocational school can even give you a leg up in a four-year program. For example, you can become a certified nurse aide which will not only give you a stable job but also help push you ahead should you want to apply for your RN or BSN. By taking courses for CNA you will not need to repeat those courses for your RN program.

Myth #3 – University Graduates Get Jobs Faster Than Vocational Graduates

Another false statement. 68% of bachelor’s degree graduates obtained a job in their field of study within four months of graduation. In comparison, 78% of vocational graduates found jobs after four months of completion. Therefore, vocational graduates have a better chance of finding a job than bachelor’s degree grads.


Percentage of Graduates Who Obtained a Job within Four Months of Graduating
Percentage of Graduates Who Obtained a Job within Four Months of Graduating

Myth #4 – There Is Less Job Security in Vocational Careers

Not true. When we talk about the future of employment automation is a major concern. However, for many vocational careers, artificial intelligence is not an option. Careers in healthcare, childcare, teaching, and consulting need a human touch. In fact, these occupations are predicted to have the most job growth over the next 10 years. The vocational sector currently provides programs in 9 out of the top 10 careers predicted to grow in the future.

These myths all prove to be false. Vocational education is a great option for many. There is a wide range of courses and programs for every interest. If you are interested in a vocational program, then visit https://esacademy-usa.com/training-programs/ to learn more about our courses at E&S Academy.