Weekend Routines of Successful People

The weekend is one of America’s favorite parts of working a 9 am to 5 pm job. It’s the time when you kick back, reflect, and focus on self care. There is a misconception about being successful though. When it comes to success, people assume that working on the weekend and developing new solutions to your problems.

What if that wasn’t true? I made a list of 5 habits that are part of successful people’s weekend routines.

Self Care

Self care focuses on one’s self. During the weekend, you should find time for yourself. You can dedicate your free time to a passion or a new skill. I find that spending time with loved ones helps me forget the weekly problems and refreshes me mentally for another Monday start.

Plan the Week

The best way to alleviate Monday anxiety is to plan the week. Once you have a routine and write what you need to accomplish, everything else is a piece of cake. When you plan the weekend, you avoid forgetting or causing yourself unnecessary stress.

Try New Things

The cure to stress or depression is trying new things. We fall prey to a routine that may not be that great for our health. I consider trying new things on the weekend. It challenges me mentally while giving my mind a chance to think outside of my normal scope of habits. I find that it helps alleviate my anxiety too. The more things I try the easier it is to find more adventures.


A peace of mind is a cure to every element. Meditation is a great way to alleviate the stress that you accumulate throughout the week. I’d recommend meditating at least once a day. You’ll feel like your mind resets itself and you’re able to accomplish more throughout your day.

Learn a New Skill

It’s probably one of my favorites on the list. I like learning a new skill. As others are focusing on enjoying their weekend and I encourage it, I like the competitive nature of learning something unique. I use the weekend to find online courses that will help boost my credentials. Then, once I make a list, I take these online courses and use them to learn a new skill to benefit me during the week.

Whatever you decide, remember that the weekend is yours!

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