Where are the Jobs Right Now?

Where are the Jobs Right Now?

We hear on the news that unemployment is at its all-time high. The percentage of Americans without work is too high to be a reality. There is a slight decrease in recent weeks, yet there are many who are struggling to find the right work. This includes Generation Z and college graduates who lack experience, yet are skilled. Despite the fact that businesses are re-opening and people are returning to their normal schedules, there are gaps in employment. This is partially due to the business’ change in needs. It’s not that there is a lack of jobs. It is the opposite.

Since the industry has changed due to COVID-19, the jobs aren’t where they used to be. The jobs are in other areas that people haven’t looked in yet.

Health Care

This is a given. It’s no longer a question that healthcare is here to stay. While there are advancements in technology, robots cannot replace humans in healthcare. It requires an emotional intelligence that is not easy to obtain. Healthcare remains number one globally. Healthcare, with the pandemic, flexed its necessity in society. There were more people invested into promoting the heroes on the front lines who risked their lives to save others. This is why healthcare is important.

The best part about healthcare is that you don’t need a four year degree to make a difference. It is the opposite. A certificate of completion or a simple license is enough to get you involved with an industry that is recession free.

Hospitality Management

While people were at home and could not go to the grocery store, the hospitality management industry came through. The restaurant businesses assisted families in ensuring they were delivered food on time. Additionally, grocery stores stayed open. We may not think about it in our daily lives, yet without these types of businesses, it’d be difficult to have food sources. They were reliable in times of most need. The industry, one of the top five in the world for employment, gave true meaning to the value of hospitality during times of crisis.


Hospitality management and Health care had their help with technology. Uber gave restaurant businesses a chance to deliver to those who couldn’t obtain groceries. Furthermore,

It is essential to have tools that assist us in times of crisis. Technology may go hand-in-hand with healthcare. This is because technology is ingrained into our lives. It is convenient. The amount of useful tools that technology brings is hard to ignore. Technology and I.T proved useful during the pandemic. After people were forced to stay home, schools, businesses, and other entities adopted technology into their daily routines. During the lockdown, businesses and people alike had to utilize technology to continue working.

If you are wondering where the jobs are, look no further. These three industries were the top in being reliable and consistency in employment growth.

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