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Hiring Sprees for Health Care Jobs To Assist with COVID Vaccines

COVID-19 caused problems and tragedy everywhere. It wasn’t expected that a pandemic would cause chaos in today’s modern world. As most of us wish that 2000 and 2021 never happened, COVID-19 was responsible for wiping out millions of jobs. However, the positive is that the vaccination effort is bringing jobs back. It’s expected that millions of Americans are to be fully vaccinated by the summer. With the demand being high for the summer, pharmacies, clinics, and other locations are hiring sprees for full-time jobs.

It was a nightmare at one time for laid off employees searching for work. The good news is that the economy is slowly improving. If there is one area that hasn’t seen a decline, it’s been healthcare.

90 % of Jobs are Full-Time

The new data based on ZIP Recruiters job search found that jobs that include terms such as “vaccine,” “healthcare,” and “COVD-19,” are the most frequently searched. The newly posted job titles include licensed medical assistants, lab technicians, EKG technicians, phlebotomy/lab technicians, and more. There are hundreds of job postings for managers and program coordinators. The good news is that more than 90 percent of these jobs are full time with about half of the jobs advertised as temporary or contractor positions.

Hopeful Signs in Healthcare

Economists are finding that while there may be some difficulty in finding jobs in certain areas, there are unique opportunities emerging from vaccine distribution jobs. It won’t turn the economy around entirely, but it will give it a boost.

The job market may not look the same as it did 2 years ago. This is due to the demand for new positions and new skills. This is normal. Since most companies transitioned to online business models, more companies are searching for knowledge and skills relevant to what’s in demand today. There are hopeful signs that the economy is returning to its pre-COVID time. It is promising that companies are hiring workers for jobs that vaccinate people against the coronavirus.

Where to Start

This is question I am asked often. Is it hard to get into the medical field? It’s definitely not. There are a range of certifications and degrees you can start with. I always recommend to start with a certification program to get your feet wet. I’d start with Medical Assistant or Phlebotomy Technicians since they are the most in demand right now. To find employment in the health care field, start by looking into certification programs that can assist with you becoming certified. There are great certification programs available online and that are 100% convenient.

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