3 Reasons Why Vocational Careers are the Future

It is 2021 where options for careers are endless. It can be difficult in making a decision on what is your best option. However, before you can make a choice, it is important that you understand all your options. I remember when I attended High School. My guidance counselors never gave me all the options that were available to me. They pushed me towards a college degree. While I have no regrets, I wish I learned more about what was out there. This is because it could have saved me money, headaches, and most importantly time.

Before I go into the 3 reasons why I think vocational careers are the future, I will give you some information on what vocational schools are if you are unfamiliar with them. What is a vocational school? A vocational school is a type of educational institution that is similar to post secondary education. It focuses on technical trade skills for a particular job instead of a general education like a four-year school. Normally, technical trade programs lead into promising careers such as Medical Assistant or Hospitality Management.

Reason Number 1: You Spend Less Time in School

This is a good reason. When you decide to go to a technical school, you’ll spend less time in school. There are programs as short of 3-weeks where you earn your certification and can work immediately. What is the advantage of this? Great question! The less time you spend in school the more likely you can build your time in the workforce and gain valuable experience. As more employers are seeing the benefits of online education, more are expecting their hires to have experience and credibility.

This is where vocational schools come in. You don’t need to spend four years in school to earn valuable credibility. In fact, certifications from vocational schools are an excellent choice for building your resume.

Reason Number 2: You Have Many Different Options

The options are endless.

I can’t tell you how many options you have to pick from a vocational school. There are medical programs, i.t programs, hospitality programs, and many more options. The most attractive piece of information is, in most states, vocational programs are hand-picked by the government in which are both effective in finding employment and making a good living. It’s regulated. Vocational schools have to meet a certain percentage of graduates hired by the end of the year to stay in business.

This is unlike colleges or universities. Vocational schools need to meet a quota by the end of the year. These schools are heavily regulated with inspections and course approvals.

Reason Number 3: You Bring Value to Society

If you want to feel important, look no further than a vocational school program. In 2021 alone, the main careers that are available right now are in medical and tech fields. There is a desperate need for certain positions that the world can no longer live without. A primary example are the medical specialists like Phlebotomists or Nursing Assistants. These two careers alone are expected to increase in demand by 20% because of the sheer volume of people who require care.

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