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What Are Your Online Career Options for 2021?

There’s many career options for 2021 but here are the top 5 careers. First one is being a physician assistant. They roughly get $112,260 or more for their salary. Physician assistants diagnose illnesses, develop and carry out treatment plans, assist in surgeries, perform procedures and guide patients. Physician assistants are expected to continue to be an important part of providing health care services, as they can be trained more quickly than physicians but can provide some of the same services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 31.3 percent employment growth for physician assistants between 2019 and 2029.

Second career is being a software developer. They roughly get $107,510 and their predicted jobs are about 316,000 and more. The best software developers are creative and have the technical expertise to carry out innovative ideas. You might expect software developers to sit at their desks designing programs all day and they do, but their job involves many more responsibilities. They could spend their days working on a client project from scratch and writing new code. But they could also be tasked with maintaining or improving the code for programs that are already up and running.

Third career is being a nurse practitioner. They roughly get $109,820 and their predicted jobs are about 110,700 and more. Nurse practitioners, also known as advanced practice registered nurses, specialize by patient population, training to work in areas like women’s health or pediatrics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 45 percent employment growth for nurse practitioners.

Fourth career is medical and health services manager. They roughly get $100,980 and their predicted jobs are about 133,200 and more. Medical and health services managers are the planners, directors and coordinators who work behind the scenes to keep hospitals, nursing homes, group practices and other health care facilities running efficiently. A high demand for more medical and health services managers is driven by the large baby boomer population needing more health care in hospitals, group practices and nursing homes as they age.

The last career is physician. They roughly get $206,500 and more. They’re obstetricians and gynecologists, ER doctors, dermatologists, primary care providers, neurologists and cardiologists.

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