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The Importance Of Motivation When Taking An Online Class

What is motivation?

Motivation is a driving force within ourselves that helps us achieve our goals and dreams. All of us have this power inside of us to do anything we want. The sky is the limit, you can be whoever you want to be and all of that. So why is it sometimes so hard to be motivated?

Procrastination: The Killer Of Motivation

Procrastination is constantly putting aside tasks that need to be done. I think all of us procrastinate in one way or another but the difference is how far do we let it go. Procrastination can change from innocent – I will do this tomorrow – to a deep abyss of guilt and resentment. Simply because we postponed too many tasks and now we don’t know where to even begin to catch up on all of it. Is there a way out of this vicious procrastination circle that leads to being motivated and more productive? Oh well, of course, there is! The light at the end of the tunnel is always there.

How To Be More Motivated

According to James Clear, you can become more productive and motivated by setting up new healthy habits such as exercise consistently, become more creative, create a five-minute morning meditation ritual, and sleep better. What works for me is taking breaks usually with a reward. The reward can simply be making a cup of tea or watching an episode of my favorite show once I am done studying the chapters that I have assigned for myself for that day.

I personally think it is also important to imagine yourself reaching the goals that you want to reach. You can do this by creating a vision board, writing your future self a letter explaining why you need to achieve this goal, or simply creating a motivational sticker note or poster that will remind why you chose to take this path.

The Importance Of Motivation When Taking An Online Class

When you choose to take an online class it is a big commitment to yourself. You have decided to spend your time and money on perfecting your skillset which is amazing! Now how to keep yourself motivated? What works for me is – keep the eyes on the prize. Whenever I would feel like I don’t want to study I would remind myself why I started and I would imagine the moment I will be done with the online course and all of the benefits I can gain after. I would think about the advantages such as career advancement, bettering your skillset, and expanding your horizons.

Staying motivated while taking an online class is incredibly important. If you motivate yourself and achieve daily goals you have set for yourself, you will feel happier and more accomplished. If you do a little bit of work every day you will learn more than if you leave it all for the last minute. Staying motivated throughout the process will help you finish the class on time and achieve your goals!

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