The Difference Between A Medical Assistant And A Medical Office Assistant

You may have heard both titles frequently and in various contexts and sometimes mistakenly believed they were referring to the same employment. You may have even, at one point, used the name medical assistant to describe job responsibilities tied to a medical office assistant without ever noticing this mistake. Well, that is okay because you are not the only one that has experienced this confusion. Unfortunately, unless you are within the medical field or were taught the difference between the two, many rarely notice the distinction between a medical assistant and a medical office assistant.

What Are the Main Distinctions Between the Two Career Options?

The main distinction between a medical office assistant and a medical assistant is that the latter can assist the doctor with clinical procedures such as Electrocardiography (EKGs) and injections.

Medical office assistants do not assist with any medical duties. Instead, typically their job responsibilities only entail administrative tasks related to the healthcare industry. A perfect example of this would be new patient applications or managing insurance billing and coding.

On the other hand, medical assistants work directly with doctors and assist them with examinations, medical procedures, and other tasks. As a result, they will be the primary point of contact for patients, checking vitals and directing them to their exam rooms where the doctor will see them.

Education Requirement for a Medical Assistant and a Medical Office Assistant

Medical assistants require a bit more experience when compared to medical office assistants. To become a medical assistant, you will need to have completed high school. Additionally, medical assistants will also need to complete either on-the-job training or a college-level certificate program. Most programs could take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete. Except at E&S Academy, students can complete the same vocational training program online on their website, esacademy-usa.com. Once completed, then they will be able to start working in the position.

On the contrary, medical office assistants require little to no experience, depending on the medical practice or company, of course. Some jobs prefer to provide employees in this position with on-the-job training. However, for either, at least some administrative experience is required. However, to gain an added advantage in the hiring process or improve their skills at work, people in this position have the option to take an affordable online medical office assistant certification course at esacademy-usa.com and be completed within days.

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