Tips For Finding Virtual Internships

While there are benefits to completing in-person internships over virtual ones, in-person positions are much more scarce now and harder to find; it also might be easier for some people to stay at home and complete their internships, whether it be for family, not being able to commute, etc.. The point is online internships are very prominent in the work world, so it is helpful to know what you can do to increase your chances of finding them.

Edit Your Resume and Cover Letter

Just as with any job, you want to make sure your resume and cover letter highlight relevant skills for your job. Update your resume and cover letter so that skills and experiences that are useful for online jobs stand out, such as anything that displays independence or clear communication. (If you need any extra help with your resume, you can always enroll in a FREE resume writing course at E&S Academy!)

Don’t Just Look at Google

While Google might show some options for online internships, there are many other websites that are much more useful for finding open positions, especially ones that are school-specific and meant for students. Search for sites that are meant for young students looking to begin their careers, you can even reach out to a school advisor if you need some extra guidance!

Reach Out

Your chances of landing a virtual internship position may increase if you reach out to potential employers before they reach out to you. Send companies brief emails explaining your skills and your interest in the company, while also attaching your portfolio and resume.

Follow Up On Online Applications

If a company does not give you any indication of when they might reach out to you or respond, it wouldn’t hurt to follow up with the company a few weeks after you apply to see if there’s been any progress with your application. Make sure to keep your email short and sound excited about the position!

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