The Importance of Studying Marketing

Several people enter college and struggle to decide what they want to study in the future, especially since most people don’t have a clue what they want to do with their lives. If this is the case for you, consider studying marketing! By choosing to study marketing, you do not necessarily have to choose a career in that field, but the skills you learn along the way will apply to any job.

Reading and Understanding Data

When working in marketing, you will have to learn how to interpret data, so by studying marketing, you will learn a skill that is essential for strategic planning. This knowledge of data analytics is applicable in so many career paths and will impress many employers!

Developing People Skills

One of the most important components of marketing is understanding how to communicate with people in order to promote you product, company, etc.. You are going to have to work with others and know how to talk to them in every job, so studying marketing will help prepare you for future interactions with co-workers and employers.

Persuading and Influencing Others

Marketing is all about persuasion and convincing others to listen to you! Though it may not be as obvious of a skill in some fields, persuasiveness is useful in all careers, whether it be to convince customers to purchase products or talk your boss into giving you a raise. You learn to influence others’ decisions, what a strong skill!

Looking At All Sides

In order to be successful in marketing, you need to learn how all sides involved (including competitors) are thinking. Having the ability to examine all parts of a situation is a unique and powerful characteristic that will make you stand out in a job.

There are obviously many benefits to studying marketing, which is why E&S Academy offers affordable online courses that you can take right from home in order to earn certifications in marketing jobs, such as a social media marketing specialist. You can get a head start in developing the useful marketing skills that will impress future employers!

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