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3 Ways to Eliminate Distraction and Stay Motivated While Studying

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone while studying? Do you try to extend your time limit of social media use when it’s time to focus on work? If you have a hard time focusing due to surrounding distractions then this post is for you. Here are 3 ways to eliminate distractions and maintain a steady focus during studying. 

1. Put All Gadgets in a Separate Room

  • Phones, smartwatches, tablets, and other technological gadgets that may interfere with studying should be placed in a separate room when it is time to work. Although you can simply just turn off the gadgets and leave them by your side, it’s more effective when the gadgets are completely out of sight. By doing this, it will ensure that all your attention will be placed on studying as there will be no way to access any personal gadgets unless you take a trip to the other room. Keeping in mind that you will be able to use your gadgets once you complete your assignments is a great way to stay motivated and work more efficiently. 

2. Keep Your Workspace Minimalistic and Organized

  • If you have trouble staying focused, you should consider tidying up your work area and organizing it according to your style of comfort. Before beginning to study, you should make sure you’re satisfied with your environment and that all possible distractions are limited. I recommend decluttering your work area and only including the necessary items that you need to successfully fulfill your agenda. The goal is to thoroughly attain information by staying focused and finishing your work promptly. 

3. Transform Your Distractions Into Rewards

  • It is completely normal to feel demotivated when trying to begin to study or after long hours of studying. It is important to find ways to spark motivation as your will to study directly impacts the effectiveness of your work. I suggest rewarding yourself after completing tasks needed to be accomplished. 
    • Example: Your distracting urge to shop online while studying can be turned into a reward and used as a source of motivation. After properly completing a certain amount of tasks, you can treat yourself to a short break of online shopping. By doing this, you will have something to look forward to after completing your work which will keep you focused and motivated to finish.  


All in all, to make the most out of your studying sessions, it is vital to eliminate distractions to maintain motivation and focus. Try these tips to better improve the quality of your studying habits! 

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